3D Printed Home Theater Basement Model

We’re planning to build a “Tiny Home Theater” setup in our basement over the holiday, so while taking some measurements and drafting up some possibilities in Autodesk Inventor, I decided to take advantage of our 3D Printer and make a scale model of the area along with little scale versions of the furniture pieces that I’d be dealing with.


I know, it sounds like overkill, but it honestly only took a few hours in the program and when it was done printing over night I had a nice way to try different arrangements and get an idea of how to plan out the raised seating platform. Plus it’s freaking cool. As my wife put it, it’s a nerd-doll-house. Though I prefer “Basement Action Set”.


Once complete my youngest of course asked when I was going to model and print the rest of the house. The answer… probably some day.

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